Commercial Flooring

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Our experienced team has extensive knowledge of the construction industry and interior design. We have created a chic Design Center where you can explore flooring samples from all the leading manufacturers and find the speciality products to make your project unique. Through partnerships with manufacturers and continuing education, our team members are on the forefront of leading trends and best industry practices.

Cornerstone is a member of the Starnet Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership, which gives us access to nationwide networks, resources and brands so we can bring you unmatched flooring solutions. We also have deep relationships with vendors both regionally and abroad–so you can find any product available on the market.






Insight and advice to make the job go smoothly and stay on budget

Concrete & Surface Prep

Your floor only performs as well as the sub-floor it's installed over


We have th etools to make removal and demolition of existing floors quick and easy

Moisture Mitigation

Certified moisture experts provide testing services and solutions for concrete slabs


We only work with experienced, proven and trusted installers

Furniture Lift Systems

Replace existing open-office or library flooring without the hassle of furniture disassembly