BEAUTIFUL Designs Engineered to LAST

Whether dining in a restaurant chain or walking through the halls of a major hotel, consumers have come to expect a certain level of aesthetic when patronizing these places. A crucial element of achieving this aesthetic starts with installing the right type of hospitality flooring. It must strike a careful balance of style and durability — and must also adhere to brand guidelines while creating a comfortable and inviting experience.


Cornerstone has access to the best flooring brands in America and can source products from trusted manufacturers worldwide. Our design center provides a comprehensive selection of flooring products in one, convenient and comfortable space, with skilled staff to help in choosing the perfect product.


Our installers are above reproach on the job site and they understand the complexities of specialty flooring. We’ll rapidly install all materials and provide you a quality, lasting floor. Our skilled installation teams train regularly and can even train specifically for your project if it requires a specialty installation.

Let Cornerstone Help You Find the Perfect Floor.