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Make your old slab like new with our Shot Blasting services

Shot blasting is a preparation method that blasts the concrete surface with small steel balls at a high velocity. Its purpose is to remove contamination and open the concrete to improve the surface for better bonding and absorption. By recreating your flooring slab with our shot blasting service, you can give your concrete the surface profile it needs to accommodate any installation.


  • Vacuum contained to keep airborn particles to a minimum
  • Faster than ever — preparing up to 450 to 600 sq. ft. per hour!
  • Cleans and profiles the floor in one step — saving time and cost
  • Ideal for industrial floors, warehouses, commercial or residential garage floors
  • Also great for decorative concrete applications when preparing for overlays and coatings
  • Gives an even and consistent blast pattern and surface profile due to self-propelled operation
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