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Helping divert used carpet and pad from our landfills

You can help us improve the environment by requesting to have your old floors recycled at our facility. You can recycle most of your old flooring material and have it made into new flooring. Recyclable materials include carpet, carpet tile, carpet pad, rubber cove base and vct.

For every 1,000 square yards of carpet recycled, we save:

Gallons of Oil
BTU of Energy
Pounds from Landfills

Since 2002, over 3.6 billion pounds of carpet have been diverted from our nation’s landfills by CARE members

Cornerstone is an active member of CARE, the CARPET AMERICA RECOVERY EFFORT, dedicated to the development of market-based solutions for the recycling and reuse of post-consumer carpet.

Carpet is a petroleum based product and accounts for over 3.5% of all the waste disposed of in our U.S. landfills.By recycling your experienced carpet and foam carpet padding, you will not only be reducing the use of millions of barrels of oil to reproduce new carpeting but, like other recyclable materials, you will be helping it find new life as other useful products like new carpet and padding, auto parts, plastic lumber, erosion control products, roof shingles, construction products and fuel pellets.

As one of the few active CARE members in Louisiana, our objective is to divert 40% of the Post Consumer carpet from US landfills.

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